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When I was looking for inspiration on the best and most interesting way to introduce myself “blind dates” popped up in my mind. You are in a setting in which you have almost no information about the person sitting across from you. You want to get that person well, in a short period of time. What do you do?

First thing to do on this blind date is to see if you have a connection; and to find out if you and your date have any areas that do not go together at all. If the last one is the case, don’t order any dessert.

Anyway, I will start with 10 questions to introduce myself. If you have any other questions you would like me to answer, you can leave a comment on this post.

  1. Are you a morning or an evening person? Morning, for sure. Although not always easy, I rather wake up early and start my day with the sunrise instead of having to work late. I also found that in my business working early has a lot of benefits. In general I found my personal training clients had a better motivation early morning and less chance of cancelling. Definitely now with a baby; sleeping in does not happen at all anyway. So why not make use of the early morning, right?!
  2. What sort of holidays do you like? I really enjoy active holidays. Something that is still on my wish list is climbing Mount Everest base camp. Over the last years trekking and climbing in the Japanese Alps was one of my favorite holidays. Although I really like to be active, sometimes I am also in need of some relaxation. So another holiday destination I like is white beaches and options to snorkel or dive.
  3. What is your favorite dish? If I have to choose a dish in a restaurant one of my first checkpoints would be desserts! I love Tiramisu. Another option would be waffles with ice cream. I have to confess there is this amazing shop near my house and I would sometimes get this for lunch on a Sunday. Favorite main dish would be lasagna, or sushi. Yes, I know these are two total different dishes but sometimes you are just in need of something else. Starter probably something with goat cheese and honey. If I have to choose between Starter & Main or Main & Dessert… guess what it would be.
  4. What was it like growing up in your family? I have three younger sisters, so I grew up very women centered. Sport news or economics was voted out quickly when watching TV. Instead it was some drama series, sorry dad! It was great growing up in such a big family and we would always have extra friends over as well. It was always busy in our house. I guess that is why I cannot stand quietness in my house now as well. Although we were all girls, we would also play soccer with my dad or go for a run. We all grew up being very active in different sports. Two of my sisters did gymnastics on very high levels. The other one played in the National team of women’s soccer. I think we have grown even closer as a family with the years, although I life a 13 hour flight away nowadays.
  5. Do you have any ‘cheat’ cravings? I don’t smoke, and drinking in Singapore is very expensive as well. Both fall under the category of ‘Sin-tax’. Even during my pregnancy I did not have any crazy cravings. I love desserts but in a controlled matter. I have to follow what you preach right? As a personal trainer I would always advice a balanced diet to my clients, but I believe you should be able to have your favorite dish once in a while!
  6. Is there anything you are really passionate about? I think that might be two things at the moment: First would be female fitness, especially postnatal recover. During my pregnancy I became so much more aware of how many women are unfamiliar with fitness during their pregnancy. I found that most are not up to date on what they can do after their pregnancy or the best way to recover. I really hope to make a difference in this area. Secondly, my daughter. I guess every mom would be passionate about their own kids and their development.
  7. How does your everyday day look like? Waking up 5:30AM: breakfast, make-up and pumping at the same time. (I am still breastfeeding at the moment, 8 months postnatal. Although I am trying to slowly reduce it and get V on formula). Being at work between 630 and 7AM for my first client. Then I would have an average of 5 clients up to 4PM. Meanwhile I would do client planning, curating training programs, and updating social media and website. After that I go home and have some play time with my daughter. Sometimes add in a bit of study on my newly purchases courses. Before you know it, it is 530PM and time for diner for my daughter, bath and bed. After that mainly around 730 or 8PM, I would have my own diner. Some reading or Netflix, shower an bedtime around 10PM.
  8. What are you currently reading / watching? On Netflix “The Good Wife”, Google Play books I have currently three open: “Weaning, by Annabel Karmel”, “7 Habits of successful people”, and “Scarecrow, by Matthew Reilly.” And of course, I also have my course going on which is about Pelvic floor health by Julie Wiebe PT.
  9. What are you most proud of? Currently, my daughter. Sorry for the cliche of being a mom. Overall, being brave enough to change my career from communications and a stable comfortable job in market research to being a personal trainer.
  10. What drew you to the profession you are in? I have always liked sports and being active. During my years in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia I started working out more and more to keep fit for my modelling career. That goal changed quite quickly though, after discovering Spartan Obstacle races. Instead I wanted to be overall fit and strong. While doing more research for myself to get the best workout results, others started to notice my achievements. They asked advice and I enjoyed helping them. When moving to Singapore and looking for a new job, my husband suggested “why not combine personal training with modelling?” Now three years later, and many courses and client’s experience I am very glad I made the decision to become a personal trainer. It was not always easy. Definitely the first week at my new job I felt so lost. I was really doubting if I made the right choice. But soon I started to like it more and more. And now I would not want to do something else!

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