Since I got Valeria I have seen my posture change. Even though I am really trying to keep up with exercises, there is only so much I can do to prevent my shoulders from rounding. Definitely in comparison with carrying 10 kilogram for an hour or more, every day. One […]

“A short workout is better than none”, that is now one of the sayings I go by. Before my pregnancy I used to enjoy long workouts. Sometimes I would even workout twice a day. But now that I am a mother, it is different. Trying to combine family life with […]

My first Spartan Race since my pregnancy is coming closer. While this is exciting, it is also scary. I’m wondering how ready I am going to be in two months. At the moment I am five months postnatal, and although I kept pretty active (being a personal trainer and all) during my pregnancy, my fitness level is not where I thought it would be by now.