Exercise guides

Learn to do a full push-up

Do you struggle with Push-ups? Does it seem like you’ll never be able to do one? Don’t let Push-ups intimidate you. Push-ups are really tough when you first start trying to do them.

STARTER Bodyweight home workout

Are you not sure how to train when you are at home? This is a 4 week introduction to our home workout guides. Expect a full body challenge, bodyweight online.

Do you want more? Try these more personalized guides!

Prenatal Core Foundations – all trimesters

Learn the fundamentals of DO's and DONT's for exercising during your pregnancy. Work on your core connection and focus on smart movements for your pelvic floor. I want you to feel confident during your workouts and daily life activities.


Postnatal foundations – 4 week fitness guide

It is important to workout in a safe way and slowly progress to more difficult exercises. You just put a lot of energy to create your beautiful baby and it takes time to adjust your body again. Try out this guide to set a foundation as a strong and healthy mom.


Fit & Strong Moms | 12 week online POSTNATAL fitness guide

A fitness guide to help mamas heal and thrive in their postpartum period. Whether your last baby was born recently or 5 years ago. Whether delivered via a vaginal birth or C-section birth, the guide has specific information for mamas to properly heal and recover. The fitness guide walks you through what to do just after birth up to 16 weeks postpartum. It progresses from breathing exercises to help the core and pelvic floor heal to then slowing adding more intense exercises back into a regular routine. In our postpartum fitness guide, you will notice the plan increases in intensity. It gently guides you from freshly postpartum and just beginning exercise to a more intense routine. The workouts will challenge you but in safe and gentle way.


Fit & Strong Moms – 1 month personallized online training program

Home program for moms and moms-to-be. Do you feel the need for a routine? Hard to get yourself committed to one program? This program is especially focused on busy women who don't have time for hours of workout, but still want results. Slowly building up in strength and conditioning. Exercises are adjusted to your personal goals and fitness history. What to expect? We start with a video intake session to asses what your current fitness level is. From there we will build your personal training program. The program includes 3 training sessions a week, that you can do anytime you want. We take in consideration the equipment you have at home. Program is delivered via Trainerize coaching platform, a free fitness app. We will have a biweekly video call to see how you are progressing. We also have direct message support for any questions you might have.


Summer Shape-up at home – 8 week online fitness guide

No gym? We've got you. Get active with this home-based training program. No equipment is needed. Become fitter and stronger with this easy to follow exercise routine. This online fitness guide will cover all your training requirements for cardiovascular exercise, strength and circuit training; and don't forget about the stretching too.  Experience the strength that comes from fitness, both mentally and physically. Feel amazing about yourself and to make well being, balance, and positive mindset a priority. Week 1 - 4 includes 3 resistance training sessions, up to 3 sessions of cardio and at least 1 session of stretching. Week 5- 8 includes up to 4 sessions of resistance training, up to 4 sessions of cardio and at least 1 session of stretching. The guide is build so that each week you will progress to a harder exercise, stimulating your strength and cardio.


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