Training programs

Gym introduction

When you are new to the gym or coming back after a long time, you might feel overwhelmed. There are many choices of machines and equipment and you are not sure if you are performing the exercises in the right way or in the right order.


Exercise is not only safe during pregnancy, but that exercise provides many benefits to both mother and baby. The first trimester is a great time to begin the process of strength building before the growing body adds its own challenges.


Exercise can be extremely helpful for women in the period after delivery. Direct after delivery you can do a few things to help the healing process. After you are cleared for exercise it is good to start with reintroduction of movement and beginning the re-building phase of your training through volume, gradual loading and intensity.



Functional Fitness

Benefits of functional training are improved mobility, stability, balance and flexibility. This leads to greater levels of overall strength.

Obstacle race preparation

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