Success Stories

This can be you!

Subhadra – 

“I fell in love with sessions so much that I 

would never miss a session and look forward to the upcoming sessions as well. Her training has made me realise and appreciate the effectiveness of a structured approach.”

Shweta – “She is focused on helping me achieve my fitness goals, makes every session more challenging than the previous one, and also fun, and always encourages me to push my limits. I can certainly say that I have developed a good exercise routine, become much stronger and fitter after training with her.”

 Raquel – “Danielle is a great trainer and motivator who goes above and beyond to serve her clients. She keeps me on my toes with her exercise routines, always pushing me to go further with my training. With her support, I achieved a huge weight loss! I look forward to more sessions with her.”

Grace – “I am grateful for her patience, encouragement and also flexibility to accommodate my busy schedule. She has provided me the motivation to persevere on when times that I felt like quitting. I am pleased to see an increase in my muscle and bone mass through this period of regular workout.”

Svenja – “Personal Training with Danielle was awesome. She clearly identified my needs (and weaknesses) and build up a training that covers my demands on point. After the sessions we had together I felt a clear improvement and my body has become stronger due to the workout. I enjoyed the time with her and her spirit to motivate me to continue.”

Lala – “Working out with her has successfully helped me improve my good cholesterol levels (HDL), something I’ve been struggling with for several years now. She’s also very professional in terms of schedules and follow up but is generally friendly and lenient.”

Kathy – “I am thankful that she is still very dedicated to demonstrating each workout she wants me to follow even though she is pregnant. Most importantly, I enjoy each training session with Danielle, and she could encourage me in a comfortable way.”

Ada – “Danielle will get prepared before the training. She will always have plan b when the machines are occupied. She is patient when showing to me the movement. After the training, she also provides advice that helps me review and improve when I am not with her.”

Sheena – “I remember not being able to do a single sit up without the assistance of the bosu ball. I’m proud to be able to do more than just sit ups now and much shorter muscle soreness too. This progress would not be possible without Danielle there pushing me to do more.”

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