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Felicity loughnan
Felicity loughnan
05:56 01 Jun 20
I've been doing PT with Danielle for over a year now. My first child was around 8 months old and I was desperately... wanting to shift the unwanted baby weight! Danielle is super patient but at the same time pushes me to work that little bit harder. My goal was to lose weight and tone up and im loving the results so far!read more
Subhadra Praveen
Subhadra Praveen
10:12 21 May 20
Iam a mom of two boys and training with one awesome coach for past 1.5 yrs. This is one the best decision i did . All I... asked was Lose fat, gain muscle and be fit. She is one of the person who is totally non-judgmental while analyzing your strengths and Shortcomings. I fell in love with sessions so much that I would never miss a session and look forward to the upcoming sessions as well. Her training has made me realize and appreciate the effectiveness of a structured approach. Building strength has now become the very essence of my fitness goal. I am so glad I found a trainer who turns her client towards fitness as a life goal and motivates to achieve that goal. She always ensures the form is right before getting in to the repeats. Overall, she makes every workout fun and productive . A passionate trainer to work more
Monica Mulhotra
Monica Mulhotra
03:56 20 May 20
I have been training with Danielle for 6 months now. What I admire most about Danielle is her passion and commitment... towards her work and health and fitness. Her approach is always focused on what works for the individual and on fitness solutions that are holistic, sustainable and long lasting. If you are looking to train with someone who can modify your approach to fitness and strength training for the better, as well as help you achieve your health goals, then you don't have to seek further!read more
Anjali Bundele
Anjali Bundele
02:33 18 Mar 20
I always thought fitness was about loosing weight. Can't thank Danielle enough for introducing me to the joy of... strength training. I have been training with her for over two years now and have come a long way....progressing to lift weights and train against resistance that I never imagined I could:) Danielle's knowledge of her domain, professionalism and dedication are more
Agnes Lila
Agnes Lila
19:39 17 Mar 20
Like most women I had an important family event coming up and my first thought was I need to lose weight. I had been... going to the gym on a regular basis, working out on my own but found myself stuck in a routine of doing the same workout. As part of my journey to lose weight Danielle has helped me reignite that enjoyment and motivation to workout. I have found our personal training sessions to be well thought out, varied and interesting. Danielle has introduced me to different types of exercises as well as how to use a variety of gym equipment which has given me more confidence when working out on my own. I have been training with Danielle for nearly a year and she has kept me motivated and helped me achieve my initial goal of losing weight (ongoing goal) and more importantly keeping it off. Danielle has also helped me discover a new love for strength training and changed my perspective that strong women can be sexy too! #ActiveWomen #StrongIsSexyread more
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Subhadra – 

“I fell in love with sessions so much that I 

would never miss a session and look forward to the upcoming sessions as well. Her training has made me realise and appreciate the effectiveness of a structured approach.”

Shweta – “She is focused on helping me achieve my fitness goals, makes every session more challenging than the previous one, and also fun, and always encourages me to push my limits. I can certainly say that I have developed a good exercise routine, become much stronger and fitter after training with her.”

 Raquel – “Danielle is a great trainer and motivator who goes above and beyond to serve her clients. She keeps me on my toes with her exercise routines, always pushing me to go further with my training. With her support, I achieved a huge weight loss! I look forward to more sessions with her.”

Grace – “I am grateful for her patience, encouragement and also flexibility to accommodate my busy schedule. She has provided me the motivation to persevere on when times that I felt like quitting. I am pleased to see an increase in my muscle and bone mass through this period of regular workout.”

Svenja – “Personal Training with Danielle was awesome. She clearly identified my needs (and weaknesses) and build up a training that covers my demands on point. After the sessions we had together I felt a clear improvement and my body has become stronger due to the workout. I enjoyed the time with her and her spirit to motivate me to continue.”

Lala – “Working out with her has successfully helped me improve my good cholesterol levels (HDL), something I’ve been struggling with for several years now. She’s also very professional in terms of schedules and follow up but is generally friendly and lenient.”

Kathy – “I am thankful that she is still very dedicated to demonstrating each workout she wants me to follow even though she is pregnant. Most importantly, I enjoy each training session with Danielle, and she could encourage me in a comfortable way.”

Ada – “Danielle will get prepared before the training. She will always have plan b when the machines are occupied. She is patient when showing to me the movement. After the training, she also provides advice that helps me review and improve when I am not with her.”

Sheena – “I remember not being able to do a single sit up without the assistance of the bosu ball. I’m proud to be able to do more than just sit ups now and much shorter muscle soreness too. This progress would not be possible without Danielle there pushing me to do more.”

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