Personalized coaching for Women.

Because everybody is different.

Pre- and Postnatal training: get fit before-, stay strong during-, and recover faster after pregnancy. The best for you and your baby, in a healthy and safe way.

Core strengthening classes, online and in-person guidance and more…

Danielle vd Leest

Qualified personal trainer, specialized in Women’s Fitness. Pre- and Postnatal Fitness expert. Certified Nutrition coach. Passionate about Functional Fitness and Obstacle races; official Spartan SGX coach.

Maria A. –

sdrDanielle has been my personal trainer for almost three months now and it has been such a pleasant experience so far.  She would always bring this light and cheerful atmosphere on our every session and she encourages me through positive reinforcement. She listened well to my fitness needs and goals as well as my physical limitations and took it into consideration in designing each of our session. I was never reluctant to ask her questions or to describe my fitness needs to her as she has always been so accommodating and was not intimidating at all. Being pregnant didn’t stop her from becoming an effective trainer as she was fit enough to give me instructions and demonstrations. In fact, working out with her has successfully helped me improve my good cholesterol levels (HDL), something I’ve been struggling with for several years now. She’s also very professional in terms of schedules and follow up but is generally friendly and lenient. I’m pretty positive that with her help I can gradually reach milestones in my journey towards becoming fit and healthy.

“My cholesterol levels improved.”


Kathy K. –

I have been training with Danielle for a few months and I am glad that I met her during the personal

training free trial sessions, which motivated me to do more than just running on treadmill. My main ideas are to keep myself in shape, improve fitness & strength and being able to continue running. Danielle always has the workout planned out before the session and she is also concerned of what I have done on other days whenever I do not train with her. I am thankful that she is still very dedicated to demonstrating each workout she wants me to follow even though she is pregnant. Most importantly, I enjoy each training session with Danielle, and she could encourage me in a comfortable way. Throughout the months, I observe that and I would love to continue to progress under her guidance.

“I enjoy each training session with Danielle.”