How to fix your rounded “mom” shoulders

Since I got Valeria I have seen my posture change. Even though I am really trying to keep up with exercises, there is only so much I can do to prevent my shoulders from rounding. Definitely in comparison with carrying 10 kilogram for an hour or more, every day. One

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Why you can’t do push ups

Push-ups are one of the biggest determiners of your upper body strength. They are intense, they make your arms shake, and there are 50 reasons why you can’t do them. Well, you can’t do them just yet, but soon you will. Read 50 reasons why you can’t do push-ups, and

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Minimise back pain from carrying your baby

Weighing an average of about 3.3kg, newborns are small and light – so even when they have to be carried for several hours a day (everyday), the consequences may not seem so significant. We often forget that babies grow at rapid rates. By the time they have their first birthday,

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10 mins Quick Workouts for Busy Women

“A short workout is better than none”, that is now one of the sayings I go by. Before my pregnancy I used to enjoy long workouts. Sometimes I would even workout twice a day. But now that I am a mother, it is different. Trying to combine family life with

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Get to know: Danielle

When I was looking for inspiration on the best and most interesting way to introduce myself “blind dates” popped up in my mind. Here are 10 questions to introduce myself.

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Exercise during pregnancy

My first Spartan Race since my pregnancy is coming closer. While this is exciting, it is also scary. I’m wondering how ready I am going to be in two months. At the moment I am five months postnatal, and although I kept pretty active (being a personal trainer and all) during my pregnancy, my fitness level is not where I thought it would be by now.

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