10 mins Quick Workouts for Busy Women

“A short workout is better than none”, that is now one of the sayings I go by. Before my pregnancy I used to enjoy long workouts. Sometimes I would even workout twice a day. But now that I am a mother, it is different. Trying to combine family life with work and fitness is tough. Even though I am a personal trainer and spend most of my day in the gym. It is difficult to find time between clients and pumping sessions (yes, I am still breastfeeding. Almost 9 months postnatal now).

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Get to know: Danielle

When I was looking for inspiration on the best and most interesting way to introduce myself “blind dates” popped up in my mind. You are in a setting in which you have almost no information about the person sitting across from you. You want to get that person well, in a short period of time. What do you do?

First thing to do on this blind date is to see if you have a connection; and to find out if you and your date have any areas that do not go together at all. If the last one is the case, don’t order any dessert.

Anyway, I will start with 10 questions to introduce myself. If you have any other questions you would like me to answer, you can leave a comment on this post.

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My experience: exercise during pregnancy

My first Spartan Race since my pregnancy is coming closer. While this is exciting, it is also scary. I’m wondering how ready I am going to be in two months. At the moment I am five months postnatal, and although I kept pretty active (being a personal trainer and all) during my pregnancy, my fitness level is not where I thought it would be by now.

In my mind I would get my fitness level back right away. Pick up where I left my things and continue from there. It couldn’t be farther from the truth.

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Weight loss after pregnancy

Let’s get the first thing out of the way.

There is no bouncing back.

During your pregnancy your body changed. It created another human being. Things moved around, stretched and grew to make that happen. Instead of focusing on getting your old body back; let’s start with creating a healthy, happy, and possibly slightly different shaped you. 

The first few kilograms 

After delivery of the baby, the uterus shrinks down to the level of the belly button during the first few weeks. On an average women lose around 3 to 3.5 kg from the baby + 500 gram to 1 kg of placenta + almost 1 kg of blood and amniotic fluid. This explains the weight loss of almost 5.5 kg almost immediately after giving birth (Ace, 2019). 

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