Fitness introduction

We always hear that exercise makes you feel better in all sorts of ways. From the brain to the lungs, you benefit from a bit of exercise every day.  Additionally, you’re also burning calories and fat, which contributes to weight loss. On top of easier breathing, a lower pulse, lower blood pressure, and everything else, your brain function also improves. 

Depending on your goals, certain workouts are better than others. Since your muscles and body react differently to different workouts, it’s important to come up with your goal first, and then chose the workout.


Prenatal fitness

Regular exercise during pregnancy can improve your posture and decrease some common discomforts such as backaches and fatigue. There is evidence that physical activity may prevent gestational diabetes (diabetes that develops during pregnancy), relieve stress, and build more stamina needed for labor and delivery.


Postnatal fitness

Regular exercise has numerous health benefits, all of which apply equally to the new mother as at any other stage of life. These benefits include assistance with weight loss, increased aerobic fitness, social interaction and psychological wellbeing. Exercise after giving birth can also hasten recovery, and assist with muscle strength and toning.


Strength training

There are a lot of misconceptions about strength training that need to be debunked, and most of them have to do with what people assume strength training actually does to your body. Unless you’re a bodybuilder, strength training exercises from weight lifting to bodyweight movements like squats, push-ups, and planks won’t make you bulk up, but they will offer a slew of other benefits — both physically, and mentally. A well-rounded fitness program includes strength training to improve joint function, bone density, muscle, tendon and ligament strength, as well as aerobic exercise to improve your heart and lung fitness, flexibility and balance exercises.


Weight loss

Combining exercise with a healthy diet is a more effective way to lose weight than depending on calorie restriction alone. Exercise can prevent or even reverse the effects of certain diseases. Exercise lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, which may prevent a heart attack.

Exercise is helpful for weight loss and maintaining weight loss. Exercise can increase metabolism, or how many calories you burn in a day. It can also help you maintain and increase lean body mass, which also helps increase number of calories you burn each day.


Obstacle training

Nearly anyone can finish an obstacle race. Including you. And our functional obstacle training program is a great way to prepare. It can give you the physical and mental capacity to take on whatever challenges are thrown your way, on and off the course. During the program you will use a lot of your body weight, to bend, crawl, carry, climb, hang, jump, lift, lunge, pull, push, run, sprint, squat and twist. 


Nutrition coaching

We always start with your needs and goals. Then we develop a personal plan to help you eat, move, and live better; in a way that fits into your everyday life. No complicated diets to follow. We’ll sweat the details so you can focus on one step at a time. You’ll develop healthy habits that become second nature and last a lifetime.

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