Below are valued health professionals and services that we cross referral to in our local and overseas community.

SimplyWellness Chiropractic

"Originally from North Queensland, Australia, I worked between Singapore and Australia for 5 years before moving to Singapore permanently in 2016. I have a passion for vitalistic and holistic wellness care, in particular looking after babies, children and pregnant women." Chiropractic is a healthcare discipline where qualified practitioners adjust subluxations (joint and nerve dysfunction) in the spine to allow the Nervous System to function properly, heal the body and maximise health. The goal of the adjustment is to restore normal biomechanics, improve spinal function and remove interference from the Nervous System so the body can continue to heal and repair itself.

Danielle Barratt Physiotherapist

Danielle has over 26 years’ experience in providing holistic physiotherapy care for women and men of all ages. Her treatment sessions are all about empowering her clients to better understand their body, through life’s changing stages. Danielle’s special interest areas are in pelvic girdle pain, sexual dysfunction (VVS and Vulvodynia), bladder and bowel dysfunction, Incontinence and Diastasis Rectus (DR) closure.

BelovedBumps Pre/Postnatal classes

Beloved Bumps has an international team of trained and experienced midwives and specialists. Natasha Cullen, founder of Beloved Bumps, has a BSc in Midwifery from the UK and has worked in some of the top London hospitals, caring for women in both high and low risk pregnancies.

OsteopathyHealthcare - Dr Shruti

Osteopathy Health Care in Singapore provides holistic care towards treating your body, mind and soul. ​ We provide treatment to patients of all age groups from newborn to elderly. We also provide treatments for acute/chronic illnesses, pregnant women, athletes, cancer patients, immunosuppressant patients, neurological problems, heart conditions, lung/asthma care, body pains, depression and head injury, among others.

Physio Down Under Physiotherapy & Pilates

Physio Down Under is a dedicated women's health physiotherapy clinic. We provide a safe space for women to receive evidence based treatment from experienced women's health physiotherapists. Physio Down Under also offers a comprehensive Pilates service incorporating both private and group classes run by specially trained Pilates instructors.

The Iron Suites

The medical team at The Iron Suites includes medical doctors and nurses with in-depth expertise in managing and treating iron deficiency. We aim to improve the health, quality of life and productivity of individuals and ultimately the nation by correcting iron deficiency, a highly prevalent and yet eminently treatable nutritional deficiency.

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